Welcome to Smartfarm Australia

Smartfarm Australia brings technology to the agricultural industry by integrating wireless technologies to control and monitor everyday tasks on rural properties. With the current Next G network, the upcoming roll out of the NBN and the advances in low powered mesh wireless technologies agricultural operators can implement labour saving control and monitoring solutions across large areas. Properties remote from the rural operators can now have real time monitoring and security solutions. Using cloud based tools with no on site servers ensures that little IT skills are required by farm operators. The most needed at the user end depending on needs would be would be a tablet computer or mobile phone.

Smartfarm Australia also designs and installs solar powered water pumping solutions and remote area power systems.


  • Fuel Tank Levels
  • Silo Levels
  • Gate positions
  • Water troughs
  • Soil Moisture
  • Dam Levels
  • Flood warnings
  • Electric Fence Faults


  • Pumps
  • Gates
  • Shed Entry


  • Solar Powered Monitoring Cameras
  • Gate Entry Cameras
  • Shed Entry Sensors
  • Homestead S Wireless Security Systems